Welcome to Mike's Asphalt and Sealcoating
Where Over Spray is not an Issue
"We Broom"
We do all types of repairs to driveways and parking lots. We repair asphalt, concrete driveways and parking lots.
We take old or broken driveways or parking lots and put them back as new. We fix cracks with hot crack filler, Tape, Cold crack filler. We take out the roots that break thru asphalt and concrete and repair with what is needed.
We put in new driveways. We overlay driveways and parking lots. We take out busted asphalt and concrete and replace it with new. We edge the grass back on all driveways to make sure the sealer seals the sides as well as the top. We broom all sealer unless you ask to be sprayed. To spray sealer you cut the life in half the time compared to brooming. When we do a job we do it as if we were doing it for our self. I enjoy taking the old and making it as new. 
After edgeing
Root removed